Intensive Sales-Generation Training and Support

Use Agency Expertise to Get Your Own Ideas On Track

Next month could start a new era in your digital lead generation

Get the theory, experience, and support to efficiently generate leads ready to do business with your company. Not the Marketing Girl lets you bring top-performing marketing agency processes in-house.

In ten quick hours, your latest project will be off and running the RIGHT way:

  • Track ROI, cost per lead, close ratio, and other KPI
  • Get bigger leads more efficiently
  • Gather the right info to keep improving
With Not the Marketing Girl your own staff will still plan and implement campaigns that build clout in your field and consistently attract your ideal clients. With Rescue Blocks, you do the heavy lifting, we make sure you’re focusing your energy in the right places.

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Don’t Start Over when the Solution is Right Here

You can throw that campaign that’s got you stuck on the trash heap or replace “the marketing girl,” but the next one will have the same problems no matter how many great new trends your people adopt or how much work they put in to stay cutting-edge.

Tutorials, workshops, and the like have their role. They’re a great way for marketing pros to keep up with the technology and trends, but self-study is not enough to grow into a successful marketing team leader.

Not the Marketing Girl gives your marketing team the tools and processes to pair the right tactics with messages people care about. Use a 10 or 20-hour Rescue Block for your newest project and see what happens when agency-level work comes from in-house!

How did you get here?

Your company does so many things well! So, how are you failing at something as simple as online marketing? There’s the answer to your question – it isn’t simple. Tasking “the marketing girl” to “go post something” is a gigantic mistake that companies make consistently.

Sending someone relatively new to the business world off on their own to create an online presence backfires later on. The lack of vision, despite everyone’s best efforts, just won’t pay off. Turnover in this role is high, and starting over is a colossal waste.

Choose the best course of action for your situation:

Take marketing content seriously enough to have the right message and an actual strategy.

Remember the big KM trend? Knowledge management addressed a concern that when employees change roles or leave altogether, they take with them knowledge about their roles and the groundwork they laid.

A common pitfall impacting even really really huge companies is realizing too late that content plans and passwords lived in the notes of a singular employee.

These destructive patterns inspired Not the Marketing Girl.

Your Not The Marketing GIrl framework is fully transparent, safe, and centralized in the cloud.

Produce and Manage Your Own Strategies


Content marketing teams who adopt the in-house version of our system benefit from client management training marketers could only receive working at a boutique agency – before now.

It’s not just a marketing strategy handoff or a tutorial bundle. Workshops and support are a big component of Not the Marketing Girl but the deliverables are tangible.

  • Custom analytics and value-calculating system
  • Transparent, transferable project management and content framework
  • Processes to start and manage new high-performing campaigns
  • 12 months of agency-quality content ideas

Not the Marketing Girl emboldens your marketing lead (or leads) to champion your brand. You’ll generate leads, eliminate knowledge gaps, and reduce turnover. A thought leader with a teeming LinkedIn following is much more likely to stay in place than just another marketing girl!

Transform Your Team Into a Revenue-Generating Asset

In just four months your digital marketing manager will develop and launch a proven no-pitch strategy custom-built for your company. Not the Marketing Girl clients get a perpetual lead-generating system.

Not the Marketing Girl is the product of DECADES of experience creating online content that doesn’t just get attention, it produces results.

Not the Marketing Girl is For You If

The lights are on, but your social media, ads, and emails are just not performing.

Does this sound like your company’s digital marketing presence?

Your marketing team works diligently to create quality marketing content. The look is on-brand, the messages speak to product strengths, but they just can’t get more than a lukewarm response.

It’s better than nothing, but it’s not enough.

Something is missing and your marketing department just can’t figure out what that is.

There’s always another tool on the horizon that never quite pans out. That promising campaign flopped and nobody even understands what went wrong well enough to even place blame. Ever been there?

When your campaign is off-course but you’ve gone too far to turn back, Not the Marketing Girl Rescue Blocks are the solution!

We offer 10 and 20-hour results-focused packages that assess your problem and give you actionable solutions at an unbelievable value.

1. Buy a block

2. Answer our questions

3. Hold on to your seat

Or invest in Not the Marketing Girl and watch your marketing department flourish in weeks.

1. Commit to the program

2. Answer a 5-minute questionnaire about your company

3. Introduce us to your participant

Tactics Are Not a Strategy!

Lots of companies have the same problem you do. Your digital marketing team creates some exposure but their efforts don’t perform in any meaningful way.

If your marketing people know your brand, know how to write, and are comfortable with new web-based tools- but just can’t get the parts to work together, you need to meet Katrina.

“Fans will never be a line on the P&L.”
– Katrina

I mastered the no-pitch approach running my digital marketing agency. This means that I got to build, test, and prove out a scalable model that could generate 4 and 5 figure deals consistently. At my peak last year, my company brought in more than $8M worth of leads for B2B clients.

Not the Marketing Girl is the cumulation of the methods I developed working with clients’ front-line digital marketing implementers who were overwhelmingly called “the marketing girl.”

Toyota shared their revolutionary design and manufacturing processes with other industries, much to the delight of software developers (see also: lean development). In the same spirit, I made the processes that work for my clients available to companies who want to let their own people tell the brand’s story.

Skipping agency fees is a huge benefit, too!!

Our Training Program is Not For Everyone.

So, let’s start here.

Not the Marketing Girl is perfect for founders, executives, and teams at B2B companies already up and running.

Is Ideal For:

  • Established companies
  • High-ticket leads
  • Deep subject matter expertise

Not a Fit For:

  • New businesses still finding themselves
  • B2C businesses
  • High-volume/low-cost products

I’m Interested!
Why Do We Have to Apply?

We have no interest in enrolling people into the program who are not going to be a good fit. It hurts you and it hurts our reputation. So don’t worry about a hard sell or anything like that. We only want to do this with you if we believe that it’s going to work for you. But you have got to believe that too.

Tell us about your company and we’ll see if Not the Marketing Girl is the right solution for you!