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Alright, now might be the time that billboards and direct mail postcards make their way back to the mainstream, so here’s how to track it. 🛤️

Or, I guess I should say, here’s how I used to track it when I bought billboards for a company 15 years ago. 👴

I had calendars printed on my desk, and every day I would write the sales that the company brought in. 📅

At the bottom of that, I would put a plus or minus and map in old-school attributes that we had going. ➕➖

That might be things like radio, TV spots, billboards, newspaper campaigns, direct mail, etc. 📺

And then, each day, I could see these were the sales that we brought in, and did one of those things likely attribute to a spike in sales? 🙈

Or did sales stay flat?

So, sure a little old school. If you love digital marketing, you might not like it, but that’s how we did it. 🤷 ♀️

What do you think about old-school marketing? Is it starting to come back?

Let me know today on my LinkedIn page.