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Buyer trends are a topic that many business owners know they need to pay attention to but maybe don’t always know how to find them.

Buyer trends are patterns, or consumer behavior shifts those influence purchasing decisions. Understanding buyer trends is important for businesses as it can help them anticipate and respond to changing consumer demands.

How people buy has changed, which is important for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and, honestly, even enterprises. 🤑

People talk to their peers and colleagues all over digital spaces that aren’t ads, emails, and blogs.

Yeah, of course; sometimes people are on Facebook, scroll through, see an ad, click buy now, and buy the thing. 🤩

But there are a lot of other times when people are working, and they are on Slack, they chat with a colleague or a partner and ask, “Hey, have you ever bought this thing? Do you have any suggestions or tools that you like?” 📲

Well, that slack message is not trackable, but just because it’s not trackable doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.

It just means the buyer journey isn’t as linear as it once was in digital marketing and needs to be considered. 😕

Maybe a little less attribution and more focus on results. ✔️

Have you switched up your marketing strategy based on buyer trends? 🤔

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