Energy that is harsh and jarring gathers in your work area through your thoughts, whats on your screen, whats in your emails, and even the energy of the phone calls that come in.

Ive been there. Drinking my coffee, focused, creative, and ready for the day.

I check my email and a disgruntled client says Good luck with your crap company, youre going to need it!

Now, I am wise enough and grounded enough to know that this wasnt about me. This is all about him.

Yet, it instantly shifted the energy of the space to a low vibration.

This is my 2 minute home office cleansing routine:

  • Smudge with incense or sage
  • Light the stick, cone, or leaves.
  • Pass the smoke over the work area in large circles to quickly and totally cover the area.
  • Set the intention that the area is to be cleared of all negative energy.
  • Keep a selenite tower on your desk or wave a selenite wand.
  • Selenite is incredibly powerful at cleansing negative energies.
  • Place the tower on your desk or scan the wand over and through the area.
  • Your guides are there with a mission to help you.
  • Take four deep breaths to ground yourself. Youll be able to better connect when youre relaxed.
  • Ask the guides to step forward to be with you.
  • Repeat this out loud or in your mind:
    • “Please cleanse this office space of any and all discordant energies to 100% in all timelines, dimensions, and parallel realities.”

Open a window.

Its that simple. Let some fresh air circulate around the room to clear negative energy.
Keep in mind that you can do this at any time on any day, not just when something big happens.

Tag a friend on LinkedIn who would love to cleanse negative energy from their workspace.