Let’s talk about non-negotiables for working with teams.

Here’s my epic fail alert. 🤦 I really wanted to give my clients the world on a plate! In fact, for a long time, I had no client boundaries.

I’d reply to emails when I should be sleeping.

I’d go through several rounds of revisions and edits even when the client only paid for 2 rounds.

his was not only negatively impacting me, but it was negatively impacting my team.

So, I have created 10 “Rules of the Road” that are not up for negotiation.

Here are the first couple of rules I have….stay tuned for more!

1. Client Participation: In order to do quality work on your behalf, we need all of the info and access we request. Understand that if you don’t get your deliverables to us on time, we can’t produce the scope as planned. We bill for agreed-upon work whether you fully participate in your scopes or not.

2. Approved Means Approved: When clients give approval, the piece moves to the next step. Reneging on approvals duplicates efforts and puts the production schedule back. It costs extra time and money.  Drop your favorite rules for clients in the comments for this LinkedIn post.