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Customer experience is a hot topic for all business owners. But what is the best way of making sure we provide the best experience for our customers?

Here is part two of my website review for the globally-inspired decorations company! ✨

They are selling home goods that are really unique pieces, but the problem is they have hundreds, maybe thousands of items on their website to sell, and it’s really hard to navigate through. 😕

However, it is very well organized by category, such as furniture, doors, vases, etc. ✔️

It’s easy to navigate from that perspective, but because there are so many items on the site, I feel like it’s hard for someone who’s just browsing to really get the sense of what they’re looking for and how this might look in their home. 🤔

So I recommend we walk that customer through their journey. 👭

So maybe they’re looking for budget-friendly items, or maybe they’re looking for statement pieces for their living room.

We need to help establish that at the beginning so they aren’t just clicking through because every time we ask someone to click, we lose traffic. 👋

We need to, from the very beginning, walk them through that journey, and maybe it’s a choose-your-own-adventure sort of thing, but let’s ask them the questions and guide them through the process so that they aren’t just randomly clicking and leaving because they didn’t realize what they were looking for. 🗺️

If you like the feedback I provided for this page and want me to do a free review of your website, drop a comment below with your website, and I will do my best to get to it. 👈

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