We all want the fastest way to get something done. 🏃‍♀️

And when people tell us this is a slow process, we don’t really like that. 😤

Yet, when it comes to sales and marketing that is how most things are done. ✔️

But here’s the deal, I know LinkedIn and I know how to use LinkedIn for business, so much so that I almost got fired back in the early days of LinkedIn. 😯

I worked for a recruiting company and they thought LinkedIn wasn’t viable for recruiting job candidates and they wanted to terminate me. 🔥

Fast forward to now and we all know that LinkedIn is really great, not just for job candidates, but also for opening doors to conversations you wanna have with potential prospects. 🤣

Honestly, that’s why I create LinkedIn Lead Machine. 👈

It’s a shortcut. It gives your team the exact plan of what you need to do every day to start making conversations and relationships on LinkedIn. 😺

Learn more on my recent LinkedIn post.  ✅