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Have you often wondered how to get clients?

Here’s a secret that I have recently learned.

When you ask for help, people will actually want to help you. 🤯

I reached out to another agency owner friend of mine. He does something different than I do, but we complement each other really well. 🤝🏻

We’ve done some work in the past together, and a few months ago, we were talking about another client. He had told me to reach out because he might have a way to get me back into this company that we all used to work for, but due to some reorganization, those contracts no longer existed. 🤔

And I never took them up on the offer until just now. 👈

And just so you know,  the timing is not super great. 🙅‍♀️

This company just went into a massive reorganization. They laid off 250 people, some of whom both of us know. 👎🏽

But he pointed out something interesting. He said to circle back in a couple of weeks with me because I have some ideas, and I want to help you get into that company, but let’s let the dust settle with the reorganization. 💨

But he said he’d seen this a million times. Honestly, some of these reorganizations are beneficial for us as agency owners because they’ve lost a lot of their staff that were previously handling the things that we can now do for them. 🌟

So, I got excited about that, and I’ll keep you updated.

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