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One thought that goes through many business owners at one point or another is how to increase sales.

Most of your audience isn’t ready to buy just yet, but this is where your marketing can be really helpful for you. 🌟

One of the main points of marketing is to stay top of mind so that when that person is ready to buy, you’re the one that they think of, and they don’t go searching for competitors. ☝️

Which is gated content, collecting email addresses, and just nurturing over the long term.

What you can do instead is create content that is interesting and not gated…crazy right? 🤪

Build a community on social and what I mean by that is dialogue, not monologue. Not where you just put the message out and forget it. 🫠

You can also test messages.

Messaging is one of the biggest things that marketers can adjust and optimize to get right. 💡

Another thing that works is gathering user reviews. This is everything from user-generated content to a testimonial.

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