Help me help you

Business owner: Exactly. I want to go out there and just break the internet. And, if we could have this ready by tomorrow by noon, that’d be great. 

 Marketing Agency: Gotcha. What brand assets and style guidelines do you have?

 Business owner: Just work from the logo. 

 Marketing Agency: You just have a logo?

 Business: I’ll know what I want when I see it. Just do it quick and dirty. Send over all of the ideas. 

 Marketing Agency [Shaking head]. 

 Business Owner: Don’t spend any time on it or anything but would you do up the finished layouts so that I can see the idea in all of the online layouts? But don’t bill me. 

 Marketing Agency: [Annoyed]

 Business Owner: I don’t want to be billed, I just want to see it. This project is our number 1 priority. 

 Next day: 

Marketing Agency: Alright, the mock up is ready for you. Is it approved?

 Business owner: Well, the copy seems to be in Latin. Maybe that’s Italian or Spanish. 

 Marketing Agency: [Stunned face]

 Business Owner: My intern could have done it better. Let’s go another round. Due by EOB today. For free.

 Marketing Agency: Sure. I’d like to go through the materials so we can get your feedback  to learn what you like and what you don’t.

 Business owner: No. [deadpan face. Staring at the agency. Takes a sip of coffee]

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