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With so many different marketing strategies to choose from anymore, it can be hard to know what path to choose.

All right, business owners, I’ve been talking a little bit about old-school marketing, and I know many business owners are frustrated with what their digital metrics look like. 😤

They feel stalled and out of ideas. 🤷

And although none of the ideas I am trying are new like I said, they’re all old-school; I got excited about this one.

And part of it was I hadn’t done this for probably 10 or 12 years, and I just wanted to see what would happen. So I sent out some postcards to my local market. ✉️

It introduced our brand and addressed some challenges that the people we work with tend to have. ✔️

These went out around Thanksgiving, and within about a week, I already had one call scheduled. 🤩

I got excited to have something physical. Being in digital marketing, I never have anything physical that comes to my mailbox.

And here, there’s a QR code on the bottom, so that’s how we’re tracking this. 👈

Is anyone else getting into mailers lately? 👇

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