No Ideal Client: Common Marketing Pitfall to Avoid ASAP

 Business owner: We really aren’t happy with the results that we’ve been getting and we are hoping you can help with marketing. 

 Marketing Agency: Yeah. Let me get a better idea of what’s going on. 

What are you currently doing?

 Business owner: A bit of everything [social, SEO, email marketing, blogging, paid advertising]. [Agency owner face annoyed/confused] 

We’re just trying to get something to stick.

 Marketing Agency: I see. 

Marketing Agency: Who is your ideal client?

 Business owner: Everyone. I’m mean, really anyone could use our services. We target men and women, humans, all ages, 

 Marketing Agency: Everyone could be a customer?

 Business owner: Yes. We just need to incentivize people of the planet and we’d be set. 

 Marketing Agency: Incentivize?

That isn’t really a word, but sure. We can offer an incentive for all of the people on the planet to buy your service. 

 Business owner: Exactly. You got it. I want to go out there and just break the internet. And, if we could have this ready by tomorrow by noon, that’d be great. 

 Marketing Agency: Eyeroll. 

 Who is your ideal client. Go to this LinkedIn post and tell us in the comments.