Be a Guest on Tell the Lady What You Want

People buy from people. For more clients that fit your niche, you’ve got to show your face and tell your story to as many of the right people as you can.

So, how many potential clients heard your voice this week? If your answer is “never enough!” you’re my kind of person and I want to hear from you!

“Tell the Lady What You Want” features business owners and marketing managers from successful B2B companies. Each episode delves into a business niche while offering universal wisdom and practical advice. 

A variety-segment format gives our audience of marketing pros and small business owners a break from tedious, rambling podcasts. We spark great conversations by sleuthing out unanswered questions and giving practical advice in areas bogged down with clichés. 

True to our agency’s principles, this show builds clout and delivers good-fit leads by giving the audience engaging and useful content. We even give our guests value during the taping with a challenge! 

If Tell the Lady What You Want has you intrigued, you’re going to love the segments! Towards the end of the show, we have fun. I bust out some audience write-in questions and we answer them together! It keeps things fresh and gets the audience invested. 

If you’re wanting some extra exposure and want to have a little fun along the way, just jump over to the application