Get BOOKED SOLID on podcasts
So you can bring in more leads with less effort
Want to get high quality leads just from being a guest on podcasts but frustrated and stuck because you don’t know what it takes to get booked?

Booked Solid is a complete kit that teaches you and your team exactly how to get booked on podcasts, how to leverage that podcast episode as a lead generation opportunity, and even how to scale for more growth.

You’ll get :

  • Verified access to 187 podcasts that are looking to book and interview thought leaders like you.
  • A copy and paste script will take you from best kept secret to the one they all want in 5 minutes a day.
  • A Trello board works really well for your team to keep track of outreach and follow-up schedules, upcoming interviews, post-interview content timelines, tracking…and all the things.
  • 11 ways to come up with story ideas that get you booked, but not banned for direct pitching.
  • A content filter to create more than 20 snippets of content from one podcast episode and what to do next. This is what agencies use to scale and maximize exposure in less time.
  • The details on creating a master executive dashboard to track progress and report wins.
  • BONUS: A handy list to give yourself the best chance at keeping the conversation going and leads flowing.
What others are saying

Getting booked on podcasts has been on my team’s to-do list for literal months and it never got done, but they are cruising now! 🚢🚢🚢
— Robbin S

Well. It happened. I used the scripts, the email lists, and followed the plan. I’m officially BOOKED SOLID!
— James C

I wasted so much time before  BOOKED SOLID. But, now my team knows exactly what to do each week. Podcasts are coming in and so are the leads. Couldn’t be happier.
— Tess R