“Rules of the Road for Clients” part 2!

I used to find myself pushing myself and the team so hard to deliver the absolute best. I ended up putting in too much time for the budget.

It left me worn out, and the team burnt out.

This left me hiring and training new team members.

This round of rules helps my team stay sane and keeps me from hiring new talent continuously:

1. Tell the Lady What You Want. No really. Marketing and, especially, design can be subjective. What’s good or not good can really be an opinion. We don’t want to re-do work any more than you want to pay for it. If there is something you want, give us samples or directions so that we can launch it into orbit the first time.

2. Realistic Expectations. Even the best chefs’ first few pancakes come out weird. Be patient while we perfect your custom-built jobs, especially using those finicky, ever-changing social networks. The best insurance against misunderstandings and technical difficulties is to follow our onboarding process on schedule.

3. Managing Management. As much as your contact would love to be on call for you, they can’t. Each monthly scope includes 6 hours of project management time and 4 hours of strategic planning. If your scope requires more, additional hours appear on the following month’s bill.

4. Edits and Tweaks. Each content piece in your scope includes two rounds of feedback and revisions. Anything outside of that is billed hourly on the next month’s bill. Yet another reason to tell us what you’re looking for and give us all the info we need upfront.

Drop a comment in this LinkedIn post to let me know some of your non-negotiables for working with teams.