As promised! The last “Rules of the Road for Clients”!

What I’ve learned over the years is that there is enormous value in retaining team members and clients.

Life is one long lesson, eh!

It’s my belief that North Star HQ is the joint effort of the best crew in the observable universe.
Their gravitational pull is the force keeping us all in orbit together. But, boarding our spaceship comes with rights and responsibilities!

Here are the last Rules of the Road for our Clients:

7. Turn-around Time. We seldom do rush jobs for multiple reasons. Our tasks are set a week or more in advance because reasonable deadlines are how we deliver quality work and keep the best talent. We are excited when you have big developments but insist you keep us in the loop well in advance of big changes and launches.

8. Emergencies. Your image is important to us, and we assure you we will fix problems ASAP. However, not every important edit or piece of feedback is an emergency. Hackers, yes. Typo, no.

9. We are Human. Please treat us that way. While robots, once programmed, can respond instantly, our human components need time to understand your needs and produce something special.

What boundaries have you put in place? Visit this LinkedIn post and let me know.