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Do you know what I haven’t done for a really long time? ☝️

Submit a response to an RFP. 👈

RFP stands for request for proposal. Basically, it’s when a company or a government entity wants a scope and a quote on a project they have coming up. 🌟

Anyway, getting out of my comfort zone, I submitted one. 🤯

I don’t love doing these, mainly because of the time it takes to get them done, and there’s a fair amount of competition going into them.

They definitely want to see examples of past work and projects you have done that are similar to what they’re asking for. And then, they want the scope of work, the associated budget, and the timeline. ⏲️

For this one, they just got back to me yesterday to let me know that my proposal did not win the agreement. 👎🏼

But, if you’re new to filling out RFPs, you may not know they’re required to give you feedback on the scoring rubric. 👍

So essentially, how did you land in regards to exactly what they were scoring, and a lot of times, they have specific notes regarding how you can do better in the future, so it is helpful.

So, that’s where we landed on that one. 🫶

Does anyone here rely on RFP submissions? 🤔

Let me know on my LinkedIn page today.

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