So, do you want more clients for your business?

We all do. 👍🏻

One of my favorite tools before starting any marketing campaign is this 1-page sale sheet. 💰

Basically, what I like about this is it distills down the core things that you need to do as a marketer or as a business owner running a sales campaign. 🤗

🔥 My favorite box on this sale sheet is “reasons to buy”. 🔥

So, why would your customer or why would your client buy? 🧐

I feel like business owners get this wrong all the time. Business owners want to say why they’re selling it. But it’s different for buyers.

What is the buyer is actually buying?

⭐Is it saving time?

⭐Is it saving money?

⭐Is it enhancing or elevating some situation of their day that they don’t want to do?

⭐Then you list those reasons for that person to buy, and that becomes your marketing message.

Do you want a copy of this 1-page sale sheet? Jump over to this LinkedIn post, join the conversation, and PM me for more information. 👋