Stop hoping that if you produce enough thrown-together campaigns that look good enough the leads will pick up eventually. 

It just doesn’t work like that.

Every business decision is made by an individual. You have to offer authenticity and messages that resonate with the individuals making moves in B2B spaces. 

Individuals don’t respond to messages that look “fine.” We make decisions based on ideas that garner our respect and move us to action. 

I know you’ve seen my posts about rescue packages popping up in your feed and maybe you’re wondering “but is this going to work for me?” I hear ya! I can tell you with absolute unwavering confidence that if you’re running a business and wanting to get more clients then a 10-hour rescue package can definitely help. 

So, how does this work?

When sales aren’t coming in, every second counts! Not the Marketing Girl will do a comprehensive strategy and tactics audit to spot the problems – anything from missed conversion opportunities to messaging mishaps to blind spots in reporting. Then, we work on real solutions to grow your business. 

Get your team pointed in the right direction and watch your efforts produce results! 

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