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Do you know those side hustle pieces of content we get in our feed like, “how to get rich selling things on Amazon” or, “do this side hustle and get $10,000 a month?” 🤔 I have been wondering lately, do side hustles work? So, I thought I would try selling on Amazon Kindle Publishing to see if it really works. 👋

One, it’ll be for fun, but two, I want to see what actually happens. What are the real behind-the-scenes numbers?

I’m totally willing to share that with you. 🙋‍♀️

The one I am going to do is low content on KDP, so essentially making notebooks, journals, and maybe even handwriting sheets.

So if you want to see what those real numbers look like, you’re welcome to follow along. 🤗

We can check in together. I think this will be fun! 🦩

Stay tuned for more… 👂

In the meantime, who has fallen into one of these side hustles on Amazon KDP and succeeded? 👈

Comment on my LinkedIn page to let me know. 🦄