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Ever wonder what to do when business is slow?

Sometimes business can be a little bit slow. Instead of just throwing spaghetti at the wall, the slow season can be a good time to tie up some loose ends and set yourself up for success in the next couple of months. ✋

In the last few weeks, the things we did for North Star and for Not The Marketing Girl has been on the list for a while but were things I could never get to when we were busy. 🐢

So, we have now updated our strategy deck. We often do this for clients, but the slides were starting to feel less impactful, or new ideas and information needed to be included. 🎁

Another fun thing we did in the slower season is creating this direct mail series. This is something I have not done for 15 years. 🫶

But the thing with marketing is that what works changes. It ebbs and flows, and if you’re looking to do something that isn’t necessarily ads and digital marketing, direct mail might be something interesting to try.

I mean, that’s the other thing. It’s low cost, and you can 100% do a test and prove it’s not a big commitment.

And with a QR code, you can still have that digital integration. You get a little bit of the attribution, but it’s not going to be perfect, and that’s OK. 🔥

I’m curious if your business has been a little bit slow, too, or your industry in general. I’m interested to hear what other ideas agency owners and businesses are doing in the slow season to set themselves up for success in the coming weeks and months. 🤔

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