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The Marketing Motherlode – Digital Marketing Printable Pack

The Marketing Motherlode is a value-packed bundle of agency-tested strategies and tools, neatly-packaged for the busy small business owner or marketing manager.

This will be your go-to for a new business, a new campaign, or to add some rocket fuel to your existing entities. These marketing strategy tools will guide you through the storm of busy-work and navel-gazing. Check off all the digital marketing basics, then get back to doing what you do best!

Efficiently tackle all the elements you need to get leads online: brand identity, lead-generating funnels, and positioning/SEO (search engine optimization). PLUS we’ve included time-saving tools that keep our digital marketing agency running harmoniously.

Rules of Modern Marketing

Mottos. Mantras. Motivation. Display all of these reality-based sayings or rotate them to match the mood. This pack includes 13 printable 4”x4” mini-posters each with Not the Marketing Girl’s “Rules of Modern Marketing”. They serve as a reminder to you and a statement to passers-by. Get our upbeat and refreshing takes on the realities of digital marketing designed in Not the Marketing Girl’s breezy, luscious style. 

One-Page Sales Sheet

Looking for new clients? Don’t overthink it. This sales strategy worksheet cuts through to the root of your objectives so you can use your resources strategically. 

Four-Page Marketing Plan

This set of marketing planning worksheets is so condensed and to-the-point it’s zen-like to use. Working out the who, why, and how’s on paper just works better than forming ideas for a marketing plan in countless iterations across multiple cloud spaces and planning apps. 

This pack includes:

  • Positioning Statement – Why you do what you do is as important as what you do.
  • Customer Profile – Create at least one profile for every product. Define who they are, what they want, and where to reach them faster than you ever have before.
  • Funnel Plan – It’s common to skip a step or lose your audience when you plan the steps of your funnels separately. This planner keeps your goals and tactics aligned and functional.
  • Marketing Channels – Keep your messaging tactics streamlined and well-defined.

Defining these four aspects of your marketing plan will get you far, fast. Plus you get a cover sheet to neatly bring them all together!

Graphic Design Creative Brief

Get what you’re looking for from designers the first time with this creative brief for graphic design requests. This worksheet helps you define your needs and wants in terms the designer can work from. 

Not sure how to ask for graphics? 

Use this. 

Looking for a tool to streamline and standardize communication between teams? 

Here you are! 

Get Google to Like You

If you want to outsmart Google, look elsewhere. This tip sheet covers the things you need to remember for your content to be best found by Google algorithms. This is not a keyword planner, it’s a list of 6 ways to build quality SEO and ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities to use your keywords. 

Starting a Blog Checklist

Move past the planning phase and get writing faster with this checklist. Bring your ideas into focus and define the look and feel of your blog before you write the first few posts so they’ll be cohesive. Setting up is a breeze when you go in prepared with the taglines and design elements. Write with confidence that you’re following all the steps to go live and be discoverable. 

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Hang this baby up and keep your momentum when you’re designing social media graphics! Print this quick visual reference of image types/sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Pro designers and occasional graphic-makers agree, you don’t realize how often you stop to look up image dimensions until you don’t have to anymore! 

The BEST Elevator Pitch Formula

How long has it been since you updated your answer to, “What do you do?”? Like your wardrobe, your self-intro needs attention and occasional updates. Our elevator pitch formula makes crafting your winning introduction simple and intuitive. 

Password Keeper

Who knew marketing was going to require so many accounts?! So, so many. You need to keep tabs on what you’ve signed up for, how to access it, and when it’s going to expire. This printable password log is a centralized spot to store your usernames, passwords PLUS the email address used. Need to remember when to renew membership or cancel the free trial? We’ve got you. 

Dino Valentines

We wanna be YOUR sweethearts, so we’ve come up with the CUTEST printable Valentines ready to print and cut.