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Business growth is hard to come by during certain times of the year, economic downturns, etc.

If you run a business and you are responsible for spending marketing dollars, or if you are responsible for bringing sales into the company, this video is for you. ☝🏽

Are you still watching the news? ☝🏽

Truth be told, watching the news isn’t exactly my thing. I gave it up a few years ago, but I’m still hearing all about the recent tech layoffs. 😔

I run a small marketing agency, and we tend to work with a lot of tech clients, and we’ve lost a lot of clients in the last several months, all citing budget issues and cutting back. 💸

But here’s the thing. I think business can still grow.

Here’s part of the problem, and if you’ve ever googled best marketing strategies, you have 100% seen this. 👀

You tend to get articles like this when you Google marketing strategies and best marketing practices.

I don’t think they’re that helpful in actually growing business. Forbes even put one out later, but it was the same sort of thing. 🥱

And I’m not the only one seeing this. If you go to Google’s Keyword Planner, you can see for these keywords like best marketing strategies, some of which are up 900% year over year. 👍

We all want to know what actually works now when it comes to sales and marketing. 🤔

So I’m going to be what my daughter’s teacher calls the first pancake. You know how the first pancake doesn’t always turn out, and it’s usually weird? 🥞

I am going to get out of my comfort zone, and I am going to do these mini-challenges. 🫦

I consider them challenges because I have people in my network willing and happy to help. These are people who are happy to make an introduction.

But I never ask and hope they call or make the introduction.  🫶

If you are interested in finding out what works in marketing and sales, follow this. 👋

I’m going to have 100 days, and I’ll share with you everything that happens. 💯

And if you have any ideas of what I should or could be doing, drop them in the comments along the way!

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