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Business referrals can sometimes come from unexpected places like former clients.

This feels like such a wild ride to me, and remember I told you at the beginning I’m a little bit, woo. 😊

In these few days of putting out that energy, being open and ready to receive, and just showing up in that way, I have a former client who reached out to me. 🤗

Now, he has been a client for a long time. He’s also made referrals. I know he’s happy with our work, but they had some pretty significant budget challenges a few years ago, so he wasn’t able to work with us. 💰

But he just sent an email and said that things have changed and have really turned around and that he’s looking for a marketing agency, and we are the ones that came to mind. 🧠

I didn’t have reaching out to past clients as one of the things I do in my one hundred ways to leave my comfort zone, but honestly, I think this is pushing me out of my comfort zone. 🤷

It felt vulnerable and exciting. 🔥

I just got off the phone with him, and he wants a proposal with a quick start date. ✔️

I will keep you posted on how it turns out, but it sounds like it’s going to move pretty fast. 👍

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