Data shows that women are worse at negotiations than men. 🙄

Several years back, I went to a TED Talk and there was a professor from Stanford there. She studied negotiation, specifically comparing how women negotiate to how men negotiate. 🌟

And then she drew out these graphs that indicated the impact that women have financially for being worse at negotiation. 💸

And that’s a real bummer. 🙅‍♀️

The big takeaway that I got from her is this: she said that when women negotiate on behalf of someone else they perform as well as men or better in negotiations. 💭

What that means is when you’re negotiating it’s not about you getting more of the dollar or more of whatever it is you are looking for. 💡

That’ll happen if you negotiate on behalf of someone else. That someone else might be the team that works for you, your family, or an organization you work for.

But, when women go into negotiations and they’re thinking about the team, their family, or whichever they choose to negotiate for, they do better in the negotiation. 👈

And I want us all to do better in negotiations, so I hope that helps! 🤟

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