When I started out in marketing I was exceptionally shy, quiet, and introverted, and I think the company I worked for thought that was a really big misfit for a marketing person in general. 😰

They had this idea that a marketing person needs to be bubbly, extroverted, super outgoing, and excited to talk to strangers on the street, but that didn’t fit where I was or how I approached my job. 🫧

So, when I started running this business, I needed to put myself out there for photos and videos on social media. 🫦

I am making this video because there are still a lot of people I talk to that are still not comfortable on camera. ☝️

So, what I do is I sit in my car just like this, and somehow just sitting in my car makes me feel confident! 🏎️

Learn more on my recent LinkedIn post for more information.  ✅