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Website SEO. Something all websites need, and yet, many business owners do not have the tools or knowledge to update their website for better SEO and an overall better user experience.

So recently, I reviewed a photographer’s website in order to offer tips to increase the overall user experience along with SEO.

All right, this photographer’s website has so much going right for it, but here are a couple of things that you can update that is pretty easy and will help you communicate value with the types of people you’re looking to photograph. 🗣️

First off, I really love that you have “Helping you capture treasured memories to last a lifetime.” 💎

A lot of business owners miss the mark in that above-the-fold area because they often talk about themselves.

You have shifted that in the exact right way, which is to communicate value to your clients. 👍

So much so that in this paragraph, you even have a little line that says, “I’ll do everything I can think of to make sure you document every piece of your life,” which is super awesome. 👍

But we start to miss the mark a little bit because we haven’t spelled out the stakes of not taking these photos. 🤔

The stakes are that you’ll miss the little moments and wish you had these photos.

And I’m sure you hear these phrases after you get the photos to the client and you hear why these are so important to them, but I’d like to see that spelled out a little bit more so that there’s less objection when it comes to the pricing and packaging. 💸

You’ve already communicated that value and why it is so important, and you already know why it’s so important.

This is like your life mission. This is why you are doing everything you can to ensure people take their photographs. ✔️

We have to communicate that to the client. 🎤

The other area for improvement is here in your portfolio. You have this portfolio that scrolls across the bottom of the screen, and the photos are really unique. Your style comes through, but because this is just like a little scroll, the photos are really small, and I feel like people don’t see how this is different and how the stories are captured in these pictures.

What I would love to see here is not to have it scroll but to have the photos individually placed on your website and also to have a story for each. 🤳

For instance, what story is this photo telling? Is this story about a new mom who overcame infertility and what that experience was like, or was this a woman who has rediscovered herself after a breakup? What are those stories and moments? 🧚

You have two testimonials about how you are awesome to work with, but I would love to see some social proof of why the client is glad that they didn’t miss this story. 🫶

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